Monday, 1 September 2014

Thank You

This little project of mine has had a sudden surge in attention over the past few weeks, courtesy of the always fascinating, educational (and polite!) Elizabethan Costume facebook group, and a wonderful mention by both American Duchess and Burnley & Trowbridge on their facebook pages. I just wanted to say thanks everyone for visiting, and a special big thanks to those who either leave a comment here or have connected with me personally on the facebook pages I mentioned. I really appreciate the feedback, and the interesting discussions that have been had.

I'm having a major birthday at the end of this week, which has morphed into a 4 day birthday extravaganza. Well, you're only 50 once (because, why would you do it more than once, frankly?). As it turns out I've been able to maintain a fairly regular schedule of these little explorations of Alcega, so just giving you a heads up that the the next one may be delayed by a week or so. Once I recover from an excess of cake and champagne, it'll be back to the (mini) drafting table.


[Here are the homepages for American Duchess and Burnley & Trowbridge.]


  1. Happy Birthday Andrew!
    Thank you for sharing your Alcega project - I pour over each new entry you post. By sharing your work you help others "step up to the next level". It is an inspiration!!
    Thanks, Carol

  2. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and the kind words Carol! Very much appreciated and I'm glad this project is inspiring you.